Custom Solutions

The cornerstone of Alpha’s innovation is a 10,000 square foot research and development facility which is staffed with experienced chemists, researchers and quality control personnel.  The facility boasts state-of-the-art testing and mixing equipment which ensures our products meet the specifications demanded by a constantly evolving business environment.  Alpha’s commitment to innovation has led to the development of products ranging from cutting edge, environmentally friendly adhesives for the commercial roofing industry to a lightweight roof membrane for the RV industry which improves fuel efficiency, to a revolutionary roof vent for the residential housing industry.  Alpha continues to add products, and product lines, which allow us to increase the number of chemical and plastic solutions we can offer our customers.

If you need something sealed, coated or bonded, Alpha has the solution.  Alpha manufactures an impressive portfolio of adhesives, sealants, hot melts and urethanes which can be adapted to virtually any application.  Our water based adhesives are ideal for adhering membranes when repositionability is necessary.  Our low-solvent, high-solid sealants are designed to meet even the toughest emission standards.  Our hot melts provide an instant bond in commercial construction and furniture applications, and our urethanes allow builders to eliminate the headache of using countless mechanical fasteners.  If Alpha does not have an off-the-shelf solution readily available, our chemists will work with you to develop a custom formulation.  Before your product hits the marketplace, Alpha’s quality control personnel will put it through a battery of tests designed to predict how your product will perform under real-life conditions.  Alpha’s solutions can be designed to ensure you obtain the ASTM, CSA, UL or FM approvals you require.  Our fully equipped manufacturing facility can package your solution in whatever form is best for your market, whether that be tubes, pails, drums, totes or bricks.

Several factors must be considered when trying to determine the best plastic solution for an application.  Criteria such as expected sales volume, part size and weight, tooling budget, aesthetic requirements, etc. all have an impact on the process best suited to meet your needs.  For low volume projects with limited tooling budgets, Alpha’s thermoforming operation may be the right option.  Our in-house mold shop can work from your existing blueprint, or it can provide the design services you need to bring your concept to life.  Our manufacturing facility houses eight thermoforming ovens equipped with advanced electronic controllers and heating systems.  In the hands of our experienced oven operators, these machines can successfully form even the most challenging parts.  Do you have a super-sized part?  No problem.  Alpha boasts one of the largest thermoforming ovens in the Midwest, which has the ability to form parts as large as 10 by 13 feet in size.

If your project is expected to generate thousands of parts over a period of many years, it is likely that Alpha’s injection mold operation is the solution you require.  Our CAD specialists are available to help transform your vision into a 3-dimensional drawing.  Alpha has long-standing relationships with some of the best tool makers in the auto industry, who can convert your drawing into an injection mold tool capable of delivering years’ worth of plastic parts.  We also have the ability to outsource tooling to our Asian partners, if your project has a longer lead time and a tighter budget.  Alpha’s research and development staff will work with you to determine the ideal resin for your application.  Need a durable part?  Alpha’s impact testing equipment can help identify a resin capable of handling the stress.  Need a part that will perform in a wide range of temperatures?  Alpha can perform thermal cycling using its low temperature freezers and high temperature ovens to test product performance at extreme temperatures.  Need a part that can handle the sun’s UV?  Alpha has QUV-B and Xenon Arc chambers to test color fastness and resin degradation.  Once your tool is completed, Alpha has twelve (12) injection mold presses capable of producing a diverse array of products.  Half of these presses are sized over 1,000 tons and are capable of producing parts weighing in excess of ten pounds.  If you already have an injection mold tool and are simply searching for a reliable manufacturing partner, Alpha can produce, warehouse and ship any product according to your specifications.

If your application requires hollow plastic parts, such as water holding tanks or storage bins, Alpha’s blow molding operation can help.  Alpha is able to produce parts weighing up to thirty (30) pounds.  Blow molding provides a higher quality, more consistent part than products formed using the rotational molding process and has a shorter cycle time.  Alpha has a department dedicated to performing “finish work” on blow molded products, whether it be adding a hinged lid on a baggage compartment or spinning in water fittings and fluid level sensors.

Alpha added a twin screw compounder to augment its plastic and chemical capabilities.  With this equipment, Alpha has the ability to manufacture custom-formulated resins such as TPE’s, TPO’s, TPV’s and filled polyolefins in quantities ranging from a Gaylord to truckloads.  This provides our customers with unparalleled flexibility when it comes to ordering lot sizes of resins.  The twin screw compounder is also a much more efficient means of manufacturing various sealant and hot melt formulations.

Alpha’s customers have come to rely on our technical expertise to help them find solutions to the challenges they face every day.  Our research & development capabilities, product testing resources, and the breadth of our plastic knowledge have proven time after time to be valuable resources for our customers.  Contact Alpha and let us customize a solution specific to your needs.