RV And Utility Trailer

Plastic Products

With its thermoforming, blow molding and injection molding capabilities, Alpha is able to produce an endless variety of plastic solutions for the RV and utility trailer industries. Some examples of these products are:

Roofing and Flooring Membranes

Alpha has partnered with some of the biggest names in the roofing industry to provide you with roofing membranes your customers can rely on for years of hassle-free service. Alpha’s diverse line of flooring membranes are perfect for utility trailer, horse trailer and ramp door applications. These membranes, combined with Alpha’s custom-formulated Adhesives and Sealants, provide roofing and flooring systems that are impossible to beat!


Alpha is the leading supplier of a full line of Johns Manville insulation products. We provide standard values from R7 to R38 in various sizes. With our drop-trailer program, Alpha can deliver a full load of Johns Manville formaldehyde free insulation to your plant, to be used as your production schedule demands.


Cleaning and Maintaining your Roof

Proper care and maintenance of the Alpha Systems Superflex roof membrane is critical to sustain years of trouble-free performance. Normal maintenance is simple, easy and requires no special materials. Periodic cleaning (three to four times per year) is the primary maintenance required.  

 Watch “Cleaning and Maintaining your Roof” video