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Common Care Questions

Do I have a rubber roof membrane?

Rubber roof (also known as “EPDM”) membranes are smooth. TPO and Alpha-Ply roof membranes have a haircel texture, which can be likened to an orange peel.

What should I do to maintain my roof membrane?

Roof Membrane Cleaning Instructions

What should I do to maintain my roof sealant?

Sealant Repair Procedures

My roof is leaking, but I can’t see any damage to the membrane. What else should I check?

Check the sealant around the components on the roof for cracking or separation. Reseal as necessary.

Sealant Repair Procedures

Why is my roof chalking/flaking off?

It is perfectly normal for the white layer of the rubber roof membrane to “chalk off” over time as it ages and is exposed to the elements. This is referred to as oxidation. This is not an indication that a rubber roof is failing. The bottom, black layer of the roof membrane is much thicker than the top, white layer and will provide protection against water intrusion. If you would like to restore your roof membrane to its original white color, Alpha has a Primer and Top Coat that can be applied.

Alpha Systems Primer and Top Coat

What can I do if I see black patches showing through on my rubber roof?

Alpha Systems Primer and Top Coat

What should I do if the edge of my rubber roof membrane is splitting?

Edge Patch

Can I repair a hole in my Alpha-Ply roof membrane?

Alpha-Ply heat weld repairs

Can I repair a hole in my rubber roof membrane?

Hole Patch

Is the Alpha Systems Roof warranty transferable to subsequent owners?

No. The warranty is only valid for the original owner who purchased the unit “new”.

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